A Hidden Gem of A Bar In The CBD

“The inconspicuous black door leads into a space filled with shelves full of America sourced spirits and liquor. And the full length mirror extends the illusion of liquid joy, and gives the impression of space.”




The Secret Geniuses of The Secret Mermaid

“Also genius are the cocktails at The Secret Mermaid. The bar is helmed by bar manager Kelly D’Cruz (main picture), who unlike most of her peers at other bars has the challenge of putting together a cocktail menu by mostly utilising the spirits brought in by Liberty Spirits Asia. Which she does with aplomb, especially with her knowledge and keen understanding of the merits of each spirit.”



The Secret Mermaid Bar Review

“Service at The Secret Mermaid is polite and fairly efficient and it’s a great hidden bar to catch up with friends over amazing drinks and good food. It’s definitely my new favourite bar!"



A Journey of American Craft Spirits In Singapore

"The Secret Mermaid is the kind of place that leads the charge against the ‘mainstream’ spirits brands. Forget The Macallan, Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniels or Absolut. Come down here and have your perceptions changed and your palate treated as you taste some really unique and hard-to-find spirits. And you might just find the prices surprisingly affordable."

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This Round Is On The Secret Mermaid's Howard Lo

“The idea behind The Secret Mermaid is it’s a place where people can learn about the American craft spirit movement and sample the spirits,” he said. “Our company, Liberty Spirits Asia, is working with 16 American craft distilleries to distribute their products in Asia."



Treasure Cove of American Craft Spirits

“There is no better way to wind down, and refresh the mind than with Kelly’s Navy Penicillin to start. She unabashedly admits this is one of her favorites for it covers different profiles – sweet, sour and spice forward – all while packing a punch. While I am not a rum expert (or for any spirit, really, I just love a good drink), this is a great introduction to Lost Spirits Distillery‘s cask strength (68% ABV) Navy Style Rum. Left to float upon the combination of Greenbar Distilleries’ Crusoe Organic Spiced Rum and Fruitlab Ginger Liquer, the initial sip brings forth the waft of citrus (think lemon) and a huge kick of heat and spice. The smoothness of the cask strength and the hint of barrel char and smoke works well with the vanilla, cinnamon and candied ginger notes from the other two..”

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